Project meeting and Ecofrag pilot plant

The last project meeting took place on 30 and 31 May 2017 in Valencia, Spain. The meeting included an exchange between partners on the activities performed in the last months, as well as a tour of Ecofrag pilot plant including a demonstration of the Ecofrag technology.

The Valencia Provincial Council (DV) together with the AIMPLAS and the company Ecofrag coordinated the 12th month consortium meeting In Valencia on 30 and 31 May 2017.

A total of 45 participants coming from 7 European Countries and representing all 21 partners from public bodies, research organisations, small and large industries attended the meetings. The Mr. Josep Bort – Vice President and Environment deputy at DV – gave the opening speech. He thanked the whole consortium for their attendance and dedication and encouraged them to continue working on the recovery of waste and its transformation into raw materials.

During these days, partners discussed the development of the project and analysed its implementation in the four participating European regions. Urbanrec is developing a new waste management model that will allow the recovery of 20 tons of bulky waste in a first phase. 

The consortium visited the pilot plant set up by the partner Ecofrag in Agullent to learn more about the advances in the new technology of 3D-cut fragmentation for bulky waste. This technology will allow for new valorization routes of the obtained bulky materials.



» Publication Date: 16/06/2017


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