In brief: further news from our partners’ activities

In the framework of the URBANREC project, DV’s Environment Deputy Josep Bort visited the facilities of the company Ecofrag in Agullent (Valencia). The visit took place on 6 March 2017 and showed how Ecofrag is developing last generation treatment plant to deal with bulky waste. 

Project partner BPP is almost finishing the construction of the installation that will process the Urbanrec´s shredder bulky waste.  The installation is ready to be moved from its current location to Villareal, Castellón. At the new location the installation will be start testing Urbanrec´s waste materials in order to convert them into a low cost multipurpose solvent for the chemistry industry in a profitable way. 

In the frame of the URBANREC project, RESCOLL is working on the production of polyurethane adhesives based on recovered polyols from bulky waste. At the beginning, RAMPF sent to RESCOLL two tri-functional polyols. These “model” polyols were chemically close from the future polyols recycled from waste. After preliminary tests, hot melt PUR formulated with these two “model” polyols developed interesting properties such as adhesion, reactivity, Tg, and with a higher flexibility. These results were very encouraging for the development of a hot melt PUR based on recycled polyol. Afterwards Rampf sent recovered polyol obtained from post-consumer waste to Rescoll. First trials with these polyols are ongoing at RESCOLL and already promising results regarding the production of polyurethane adhesives based on recovered polyols.

RESCOLL is also involved into environmental issues regarding Ecolabel definition, LCA and ETV implementation.


» Publication Date: 16/06/2017


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