Legal Working Group meeting on reuse – feedback welcome

The second meeting of the URBANREC Legal Working Group focused on the topic of reuse of bulky waste. Several presentations were held during the meeting and a number of relevant questions were addressed.

One of the URBANREC project’s objectives is propose a set of recommendations for specific legislation on bulky waste. For this purpose, ACR+ (BE) coordinates a Working Group on legal issues which gathers a range of relevant stakeholders and meets at regular intervals.

Members of the Legal Working Group first met in early November 2016 when they were introduced to each other and to the project, and discussed definitions and their expectations.

A second meeting of the Group was held in mid-May 2017, focusing on the topic of reuse of bulky waste. The meeting included two presentations intending to give an update of the URBANREC project and reuse-related activities in the previous semester. The first one introduced the participants to the results of the public Deliverable D1.1 which presents the state of the art of bulky waste management in the different project-focus territories – Bornova (Turkey), Valencia (Spain), Warsaw (Poland) and Flanders (Belgium). The second presentation was done by IMOG and gave an overview of the bulky waste management practices in Flanders, as well as the activities within the URBANREC project which aim to enhance bulky waste reuse. These include the collaboration agreement between IMOG and a local reuse center, setting-up of a social network, the development of a new in-house dismantling service and mobile application. The last presentation was given by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). It introduced its ongoing study exploring policy options to a circular furniture sector. All along the meeting, participants addressed a number of questions related to the different presentations and the topic of reuse.

ACR+ has prepared an online questionnaire to gather input on legislative recommendations concerning reuse of bulky waste. External stakeholders, who are interested in the issue, are warmly invited to also fill in the questionnaire and contribute with their input. 

Please click on the button below to access and fill in the survey: 

The next Working Group meeting will be organised by the end of 2017.


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