Promotion of URBANREC in Turkey

Project partners IYTE and Bornova municipality have performed several activities to promote the URBANREC project on the Turkish territory. 

On 5 January 2017 Bornova Municipality and Prof. Dr. Aysun Sofuoglu from IYTE organized “URBANREC Promotional Conference” for the municipal staff of Bornova. The aim was to inform the Mayor of Bornova and all the Directors of Bornova’s 35 different departments about the URBANREC project. The first part of the conference was held in the Mayor’s Office and a second part – in the City Hall. The presentation by Prof. Dr. Sofuoglu aimed to inform the municipal staff about the activities of the URBANREC project and the roles of Bornova Municipality and IYTE within the project.  

As a result of this event, the Mayor of Bornova decided to organise at a later stage a similar event targeted at the Councilors of the Bornova Municipality to be held in the City Hall of Bornova.


As agreed, the promotional conference for the Bornova City Council Members was organised on 1 March 2017. It took place at the City Hall of Bornova and – similarly to the previous event – aimed to about the URBANREC project and more specifically about the role of Bornova Municipality. It was important to seek political support for the future collaborations of Bornova and IYTE. Two more Deputy Mayor and one more Directory of Bornova Municipality will be involved in the URBANREC Project for the further project activities. Promotional presentation also took part in Local and National TV news, newspapers and internet news channels.


» Publication Date: 16/06/2017


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