ECOfragmentation Europe S.L.E. (ECOFRAG) is a recently established company. It aims to valorise and recycle different types of waste, and in particular post-industrial plastic waste (e.g. commodity plastic and other elastomers), through the application of an innovative technology owned by the company and based on high pressure water fragmentation. 

The technology is highly environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, reaching minimum granulation standards and obtaining extremely clean recycled material. Moreover, the process results in the separation of the waste constituent components, such as steel and fibres, which is difficult to achieve with other fragmentation technologies. This innovative technological solution allows recycling of waste which is not easily treated and/or valorised by existing technologies. 

The company has industrial facilities (750 m2) in Agullent (Valencia, Spain), strategically located close to several strategic suppliers. 

The role of ECOFRAG in URBANREC Project is focused on the implementation of this new fragmentation process and its optimisation to develop sustainable and business-oriented valorisation routes for the selected waste streams in URBANREC. 

With this aim, ECOFRAG has implemented a demonstration pilot plant enabling to perfom different tests, assessments and adaptations of the technology to optimise its performance for the treatment of urban bulky waste, based on previous experience in other industrial and multi-material waste. 

Since the project started, ECOFRAG has worked on the construction and start-up of the fragmentation pilot plant in order to implement the demonstrative operations and provide the required samples to other industrial and research partners, who will validate the applicability of the recycled material obtained with this technology in their respective valorisation routes. The feedback provided by these partners will enable ECOFRAG to adapt and optimise the technology parameter to ensure the feasibility of the final industrial plant, according to the identified waste streams and the valorisation routes.

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» Publication Date: 16/06/2017


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103