Imog is one of the 26 intermunicipal organisations for waste management in Flanders and is located in South-West-Flanders. It takes care of the waste management of 11 municipalities representing 233.000 inhabitants and is responsible for the waste collection and waste treatment. For this purpose, Imog has 2 sites with their specific activities (such as a household waste incinerator, landfilling site, biomass centre and 2 sorting centres) and an extensive network of source-separated waste collection (including 16 civic amenity sites, 300 glass containers and door-to-door collection). 

Imog also provides a wide range of services to the municipalities such as extensive communication services about waste prevention, resource efficiency and recycling as key topics. This integrated approach results in very high sorting and recycling rates, up to 72%.

In the URBANREC-project Imog identified a common challenge to improve the bulky waste management in order to develop a circular approach, considering waste as a resource and not as a problem. Within the project, Flanders is the selected area for implementing new alternatives for improving bulky waste collection and enhancing reuse. Therefore Imog is setting up pilot actions such as a disassembly service, the development of a social network on reuse, a mobile application for bulky waste collection and a customer portal.

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» Publication Date: 16/06/2017


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103