Vanden supersizes shredding abilities for big plastic containers

Large, heavy duty items such as bins, drums, dolavs, pipes, sizable lumps and production rejects, which have caused complications in shredding for recycling, are being taken by Vanden Recycling in Cambridgeshire.

Typically, extruders, injection and blow moulders find these bulky post-industrial waste streams more difficult to place as few facilities have shredding lines capable of processing such large heavy materials on a day-to-day basis.


Vanden Recycling dolav

Vanden Recycling's new Peterborough facility provides plastic manufacturers with a dedicated recycling solution for these difficult, bulky items measuring up to 2m x 1.5m in size. With three granulation lines and a dedicated pre-processing team, Vanden's approach ensures optimum value and optimum onward use for these valuable material streams.

Since opening its recycling facility earlier this year Vanden has already won a number of high value contracts from both injection and blow moulders based on this service.

Once processed, Vanden markets the granulated polymers back into the manufacturing sector, both in the UK, Europe and export markets, as a valuable and sustainable material feedstock. In some instances, Vanden may be able to help manufacturers close the loop in one single step by granulating the polymer and re-supplying it back ready for use in the same manufacturing process.

David Wilson, Managing Director of Vanden Recycling in the UK, said: “We have set up a shredding line specifically for this bulky waste in response to requests from existing customers who were finding it difficult to recycle.

“This is good, high value production waste that represents a sustainable feedstock. It really must be used at the highest possible level.”

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