Feeling sleepy after a long day at Medica? Check out this high-tech mattress

Feeling the pressure after a day in the halls? UK manufacturer Rober will once again be at Medica 2017 to highlight how its technology can help ‘stop the pressure’.


This year, Rober will be showcasing its intensive care pressure ulcer mattress, which has specially designed to offer pressure ulcer relief to immobile and critically ill patients.

The ‘Wizard’ combines Rober’s alternating pressure cell design with tilt facility. This action gently turns the patient onto their side, comfortably and correctly, claims the group.

The mattress replicates the body’s natural movements by responding to a patient’s weight, spontaneous movement pattern and body position.

The technology prevents pressure injuries from developing and also includes therapeutic properties that promote the healing of established ulcers.

Pressure ulcers result from prolonged pressure on bony prominences such as the heels, spine, buttocks and hips. As critically ill patients are unable to turn themselves, caregivers need to reposition them in bed. If this is not done correctly, even this action can cause friction and shearing – again leading to the development of pressure ulcers.

Research shows that patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) are the most at risk of developing pressure ulcers. This high risk starts from the first day of their hospital stay. Critically ill patients are often confined to their bed for long periods, either sedated or receiving mechanical ventilation.

Mike Hutson, chief executive of Rober, said: “As a UK designer and manufacturer of pressure ulcer prevention technology, exhibitions like Medica are vital for us to showcase technology such as the Wizard on a global scale. The exhibition once again ties in with World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day so it supports our ultimate aim to help stop the pressure globally.”

Pressure ulcers are a rising problem around the world and in the UK alone, they affect over 700,000 people a year and add an additional £4,000 per ulcer onto each person’s care bill. They are also linked to prolonged hospitalisation, pain and social isolation and in worst cases, death.

Medica is taking place from 13 – 16th November 2017 and throughout the show, Rober will be located in in hall 16, stand G18-6.

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