Investigating use of recycled materials in mattresses

As part of the project activities, RESCOLL (FR) is investigating possibilities to formulate a high performance adhesive based on recycled materials, in collaboration with project partners Fraunhofer, RAMPF (DE) and DELAX (ES).

Recycled polyols are raw materials for the production of polyurethanes (PU) mattress and adhesive. In the first step, novel recycled polyols monomers have been developed by RAMPF using solvolysis (acidolysis, glycolysis, methanolysis). RESCOLL have recently obtained interesting results using recycled polyols from RAMPF acidolysis process.

Since December 2016, RESCOLL has been in contact with Fraunhofer and RAMPF to define the best solution to formulate high performance adhesives based on recycled polyols. RESCOLL was able to formulate new Hot-Melt adhesives based on recycled polyols sent by RAMPF.

After preliminary tests, these Hot-Melt PUR adhesives formulated with the acidolysis polyols show interesting properties such as good flexibility, green strength behaviour, relevant reactivity, and good adhesion.

These results are very encouraging for the development of high performance Hot-Melt PUR adhesive based on recycled polyol. 

Now RESCOLL is formulating new adhesives based on glycolysis polyols. After that, RESCOLL will be able to perform trials with the most relevant systems to bond foam samples from DELAX (rigid grey foam, viscoelastic yellow foam) and TNT textile.


» Publication Date: 20/12/2017


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103