New mobile app and dismantling service developed

Within the URBANREC project, IMOG is testing new initiatives for preventing bulky waste and for increasing re-use and recycling of bulky waste. One initiative is the development of a new mobile app on bulky waste management. 

This new mobile app on bulky waste management is one of its kind in Europe. The aim is to lower the threshold for the citizen to re-use and recycle their bulky waste as much as possible. For that, IMOG and Kringloopcentrum (Re-use centre) have combined their efforts by interlinking their services in this app. The citizen will receive information on prevention and sorting guidelines and the available services (e.g. pick-up service or dismantling service). By entering the according furniture and bulky waste items the citizen wants to get rid of, he/she will directly see how much it will cost him/her. Finally, the citizen can directly send a request for the desired service via the app. 

The dismantling service is another part of the new initiatives tested in West-Flanders. There are a number of situations when this service is particularly relevant. For instance, if a senior couple moves to an elderly home – a house full of furniture and other household items are left behind of which most items are in good state, but nobody in the family has a need for them. In such cases, the citizen can request the dismantling service. This implies that staff members of the Kringloopcentrum will dismantle all furniture, if necessary, and transport the re-usable items to the re-use center and the non-re-usable items to the Civic Amenity Site (CAS). If more than 80% of the furniture and other items are re-usable, the service is for free. In the opposite case (if less than 80% are re-usable), the waste part is charged including working hours of the staff members, transport and the discard charges at the CAS.


» Publication Date: 20/12/2017


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103