Cluster collaboration between H2020 eco-innovation projects

In October 2017, URBANREC participated to organise a joint workshop with six other H2020 eco-innovation projects. The event took place during the European Week of Cities and Regions and focused on local/ regional policies and strategies and the contribution of the different eco-innovations proposed by the seven projects.

During the European Week of Cities and Regions (EWRC) in October 2017, ACR+ was involved in a side-event organised jointly by several H2020 projects and represented URBANREC at the event. Entitled “Circular Economy Policy Workshop”, the event took place on 11 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. It brought together seven H2020 project which all belong to the same EU project calls for tender on eco-innovation in the waste field.

It was decided to organise the event in a workshop format and to focus the discussions on local/ regional policies and strategies, in line with the themes of this year edition of the EWRC - “building resilient regions and cities”, “regions and cities as change agents”, “sharing knowledge to deliver results”. Since all projects will come up with different eco-innovations that will have to be implemented locally, the workshop aimed to identify how to promote these innovations to public authorities and how to integrate them into broader strategies (circular economy, job creation, economic growth, resilience of the territories).

The workshop included presentations of each of the seven projects and interactive split-up sessions where participants discussed relevant themes for all projects. The different activities helped to map out various overlaps between the projects and to identify synergies and possibilities for future collaboration. The participants expressed their willingness to organise a similar event next year and will continue their collaboration in the meantime.



» Publication Date: 20/12/2017


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