Space Saving Secure Storage Device

A storage device for providing storage space for personal items such as notebook computers, cell phones, cash and anything of value that a user wishes to keep safe. The storage device includes a container structure having a door portion pivotally mounted so as to rotate from a closed, vertical position to an open, horizontal position and a leg element having a first portion attached to the container structure and a second portion oriented at generally right angles to the first leg portion. In use, the storage device of the present invention is mounted over the foot of a bed by the leg portions that are not attached to the container structure so as to extend under the mattress. In this manner the storage device affords a storage space without detracting from available floor space and without wall mounting. The top of the storage device of the present invention can serve as a night stand given its proximity to the bed, again without necessitating reduction is overall available floor space. The door of the storage device of the present invention can also act as a convenient work space when in an open position.

» Number: US2017164756A1 (A1)

» Publication Date: 15/06/2017



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