Compressible foam foundation for mattress support

A foundation for a mattress is formed from a foam block and supports that extend across the bottom side of the foam block. The supports are preferably secured within channels in the bottom side of the foam block and can be attached to the foam block by an adhesive. The foam block is made of foam rigid enough to support a mattress and is compressible so it has a compressed configuration and an expanded configuration. In the compressed configuration, the foundation may be folded into a compact form and vacuum-sealed in a plastic membrane which easies in storage, shipping, and delivery of the foundation. When the foundation is delivered to its place of use, the compressed foundation can be removed from its packaging, allowing the foam block to return to its expanded configuration and placed onto a standard bed frame with the supports providing crosswise support across the frame.

» Number: US9756951B1 (B1)

» Publication Date: 12/09/2017

» Applicant: STEWART JR JAMES O?[US]


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