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- URBANREC consortium had its latest meeting on 20th November 2018 in Grafenberg, Germany. The meeting was hosted by the German project partner RAMPF Eco Solutions who also organised the 2nd networking event with more than 50 registered participants focusing on Polyurethane recycling.

- The project is now running for 2.5 years, with encouraging results. Practically all the foreseen demonstrators have been obtained at industrial level (the final one, the recyclable mattress is going to be finished in 2 months, but preliminary trials showed good results) and technical feasibility has been proven with all of them: foam samples, adhesives, needlefelts and wood-plastic composites (WPC). From the technical point of view, during 2019 partners will work on optimization of the pilot plants and industrial processes, if needed, until the project end in November 2019.

- During 2019 more focus will be put on transversal work linked to economic, social and environmental analysis, as well as the adaptation of the knowledge acquired within URBANREC to the 4 different regions [Bornova (Turkey), Flanders (Belgium), Valencia (Spain) and Warsaw (Poland)]. Until the project end partners will perform loads of dissemination and communication activities, including communication campaigns and educational programmes (p.e. at schools); social analyses through questionnaires; international events where URBANREC can show its technologies, new products and the circular business model; training sessions held in the 4 regions.

- URBANREC consortium is actively working with the European Commission (EC) representatives (Project Advisers, DG Research and Innovation, EC Communication services), and aims to become a reference project at EU level for a future bulky waste legislation.

- Within the special Working Group on legal issues, partners are now gathering feedback on the legal barriers to market uptake of textile materials recovered from bulky waste items, to complement the previous discussions regarding plastic materials. 

- All public material generated in the project will be progressively released on the project website so be sure to regularly check it out on

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