High barrier films for food packaging set for robust growth

  • Global demand for food packaging films estimated at 17 MT
  • High barrier films represent 8% of total flexible food packaging
  • Meat and fish largest end use application with 32%

According to the data report “High Barrier Flexible Films for Food Packaging” of AMI Consulting, the outlook for high barrier films for food packaging is set for robust growth exceeding the general trends for food packaging and GDP. Global demand for food packaging films was estimated to have reached nearly 17 million tonnes in 2015 of which 1.4 million tonnes incorporated a high barrier, as defined as a film with an oxygen permeability of less than 10cc. Although high barrier films represent only 8% of the total flexible food packaging market, in value terms the share is considerably higher.

Meat and fish largest end use application with 32%

The study relates to flexible films of less than 50 micron with barrier providing an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of less than 10cc/m2 per 24 hours. The report reviews the industry structure and the position of the leading players within the supply chain both globally and within each region giving an assessment of the demand for high barrier films by substrate (i.e. BOPET, BOPP, PE, polyamide etc.) and by barrier method (metallization, coating, coex, etc.), along with trends and demand for high barrier films by key end use segments (meat and fish, snack foods, dairy, bakery etc.). When considering global market demand meat and fish accounts for 32% and is the largest end use application, with other end use applications taking similar portions of demand of around 10% each. On a regional basis these figures differ more dramatically emphasising the social and economic tendencies of individual regions.

The study provides users with a detailed independent assessment of the global market for high barrier films for food packaging looking at both past trends and developments and giving a 5-year forecast.

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