The collaborative network for re-use in South-West Flanders celebrates its first birthday

One year ago the Belgian project partner IMOG has set up a collaborative network for providing effective solutions for enhancing the re-use of bulky items which would otherwise end up for recovery. The project is called “The Hangar” and it is collaboration between public, private and social sectors, with focus also on delivering societal value.

The Hangar is a collaborative network set up one year ago within the URBANREC project by IMOG and the Re-use center South-West Flanders. The network is composed of 27 charities, social enterprises, second-hand shops and school of arts. 

The objective of this collaborative network is to create collaborative and effective solutions with the public, private and social sectors for enhancing the re-use of low-end bulky items by preparing them for re-use. The low-end bulky items that are still too good to end up in the waste container are made available at “The Hangar”. This is a kind of warehouse place where items with a 'mistake' and unsold items from the second-hand shops of South-West Flanders are offered at unit price or per running meter. The impact of the network and the Hangar with the aim of reducing waste and increasing re-use is more of societal nature than delivering economic profit. 

The Hangar-warehouse opened its doors at 16 December 2017. Since then the network partners picked up low-end bulky items and repaired, re-adapted, and redesigned these items as part of helping people in poverty, high-school/university education, artist’s projects, etc. 

The 1st birthday will be celebrated at the Hangar-warehouse with demonstrations of repair and redesign methods. A special reception is organized for the partners of the Hangar network to honor their efforts and engagement during the first year. In the coming year, the Hangar network organizes workshops, repair cafés and other actions and events for to further increase the re-use of low-end bulky waste. 

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» Publication Date: 19/12/2018


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103