The invention relates to a lightweight, transportable bed that can be easily assembled and disassembled, the length and width of the bed being able to be adjusted to suit different measurements or users. The bed has a high loading capacity and resistance to breakage, in addition to a long useful life, and the production material used (plastic) is low-cost and readily available. The bed is fully assembled using a male-female coupling method, without the use of any other small joining tools (such as pins or spanners), and is therefore easy to assemble and disassemble. The entire bed is made of plastic and plastic storage units can also be added to create drawer units that slide easily under the bed frame so that same can be used for storage and, together with three supporting legs and a supporting shaft, to increase the stability and loading capacity of the bed. As the bed and the components thereof are all made of plastic, the bed is therefore lightweight, easy to assemble and transport, and the dimensions thereof can be adjusted lengthwise and widthwise. Storage units offer an additional function to the bed by adding a supplementary space. Using the male-female coupling method, the upper part and the lower part of the bed head can be joined by means of special openings used to connect plastic pipes or tubes to produce a multifunctional frame that can carry a mosquito net, light stand or mobile, special fixed sections being produced for the bed to prevent the bedding or mattress from sliding or moving. By adding sections, the bed can be safer and more suitable for newborns and children, making it suitable for use from birth to adulthood, no matter the height of the person.

» Number: WO2017178033A2 (A2)

» Publication Date: 19/10/2017



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