First 3D printer uses Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) for microfluidics

  • Rapid prototyping of fluidically-sealed devices
  • Exceptional clarity and mold detail
  • Fluidic Factory prototyping system to be demonstrated at K 2016

Dolomite, a leading supplier of microfluidics, has unveiled its so-called Fluidic Factory, the first commercially available 3D printer for sealed microfluidic devices which utilizes cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) from TOPAS Advanced Polymers.

Rapid prototyping of fluidically-sealed devices

The Fluidic Factory allows rapid prototyping of fluidically-sealed devices such as chips, sensor cartridges, fluid manifolds, valves, connectors, and medical devices. It ensures reliable sealing of fluidic paths, allowing the creation of precise channel geometries and various features not possible using etching, embossing, molding, or machining techniques. The 3D printer is designed for use with TOPAS 8007S-04, a standard injection molding grade for medical and optical applications.

3D Printer uses Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) for microfluidics

Users can choose a design from the selection in the Fluidic Factory’s Design Library, or create and print their own device using virtually any CAD software. With this complete design flexibility, the Fluidic Factory is suitable for a wide range of applications, including organ-on-a-chip, point-of-care diagnostics, drug development, education, chemical synthesis, and analytical and biomedical assays.

Exceptional clarity and mold detail

With the very high clarity and mold detail of TOPAS COC, well counts are maximized, flow channels can be incorporated, and analyses are optimized. Due to its high purity, the material has lower leachables and extractables than competing materials, according to the company. The inert nature of the material prevents interference with reactions and analyses. An other important feature includes the very good UV transparency.

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