Ring opening of hydrocarbons for diesel and aromatics production: Design of heterogeneous catalytic systems

The valorization of light cycle oil (LCO) and pyrolysis gasoline (i.e. Pygas) via ring opening reaction (ROR) presents an industrial opportunity for improving the cetane and octane properties of diesel and gasoline fuels, respectively. One major challenge is the design of suitable catalysts that are optimally active, selective and very stable. The paper therefore covered a review of critical studies conducted with the view of achieving these properties. Catalysts based on metals-promoted oxides, carbides, sulfides and modified-zeolites have so far been investigated. The paper therefore discusses the progress made and identified issues for further investigations. Issues such as the role of catalyst compositions, acidity, topology and textural properties on the activity?stability properties were examined.

» Author: Ahmad Galadima, Oki Muraza

» Reference: Fuel, Volume 181

» Publication Date: 01/10/2016

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103