A French social company, specialized in catering wastes valorization, developing local circular economy loops for the benefit of territories? energetic autonomy is looking for a cooperation agreement such as a service agreement to implement its solution.

A French social economy SME created in 2007 that collects catering wastes (waste cooking oils, coffee grounds and fermentable) from restaurants, food industry and public waste collection centers in Hauts de France, is developing environmentally friendly products, processes and value chains from these wastes.
Its knowhow relies on practical field knowledge, research and development, life cycle vision and partnership approach.
- collecting catering wastes (Used Cooking Oils, coffee ground and fermentable) and developing an innovative enzymaticprocess to convert used Cooking Oils (UCO) into biodiesel.
- implementing short circuit circular economy catering wastes valorization solutions.
Objective: recover the food industry sector?s wastes
- set up local collects of restaurants? wastes such as cooking oils, coffee grounds, fermentable.
- valorise used cooking oil and fat into advanced biodiesel
- distribute this biodiesel to fuel local authorities? vehicles
- create local jobs (10 times more jobs than standard gasoil industry at equivalent volume)
Why are we looking for partners?:
- Spread the initiative in Europe: biofuel exploitation
- Share and improve their knowledge on waste collection and biodiesel processing with innovative technologies
- Create an European energy transition network with licensees/franchisees partners
- Facilitate the scalability to overcome economic challenges
- Increase its knowledge about European regulations and financings.
The cooperation could be done through a european project or via an service agreement with the local authorities or the private sector.

» Reference: BOFR20170718001/FRANCE

» Sector: Tecnologías de Materiales Manufactura Industrial Energía Medio Ambiente Industria

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 690103