Red dye for bed: Milliken launches coloured foams for mattresses

Milliken’s recent launch of colourant additives to mattress foam will be displayed at the Interzum furniture Trade Show in Cologne, May 16th – 19th 2017.

The American additives specialist has developed ‘Deep Color Foam’, to give mattress manufacturers the opportunity to diversify their product lines.

Its expo stand will show possibilities for foamers who offer Deep Color Foam with ‘Reactint colourant technology’, for colouring polyurethane.

Reactint colourants are reactive polymeric liquid colourants that consist of chromophores that chemically bind to polyols. The colourant reacts into the polyurethane polymer matrix, yielding deep, vibrant shades of foam. Milliken offers several base colours for polyurethane slabstock — blue, orange, red, yellow, violet and black, but also can formulate custom blends to make virtually any colour or shade

Antoni Puig, Product Manager, Colourants, said: “When it comes to foam mattresses, colour is a force to be reckoned with.

“It can stir up or ease emotions, while grabbing consumers’ attention, telling them it’s their favourite brand, suggesting the product has certain qualities, or highlighting the various, differentiating characteristics such as comfort, resilience or breathability that PU foam can bring to a mattress. Colour can be one of your product’s strongest assets by helping in any number of areas — from branding, differentiation and personalisation, to highlighting and marketing.”

Find Milliken at Interzum, Stand A-027.


A colourful mattress, Milliken

» Publication Date: 28/03/2017

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