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15/01/2019 - Un estudio confirma que las redes de pesca pueden contener sustancias tóxicas para el erizo de mar
10/01/2019 - El Reciclado de Poliestireno Expandido en España en el año 2017 asciende a 5.991 toneladas, manteniéndose en las mismas cifras del año anteriorEl reciclado de airpop (EPS) aumenta hasta el 14%
09/01/2019 - Validan la viabilidad de los pigmentos refrescantes y fotocatalíticos que limpian la contaminación del aire
07/01/2019 - UK manufacturers to pay recycling costs under new waste blueprint
19/12/2018 - Chinese mattress producer expands PU processing in Serbia / First manufacturing site in US
19/12/2018 - Welcome to the fifth newsletter of URBANREC
19/12/2018 - Project meetings and visit of partners’ facilities
19/12/2018 - Step closer to the valorisation of non-recyclable bulky waste fractions
19/12/2018 - Successfully produced foam using recycled polyol
19/12/2018 - The collaborative network for re-use in South-West Flanders celebrates its first birthday
19/12/2018 - Networking event
19/12/2018 - Legal recommendations on recovery of textiles
19/12/2018 - Meet us at
19/12/2018 - RAMPF
19/12/2018 - BPP
19/12/2018 - RESCOLL
18/12/2018 - Production of PHA bioplastics in Spain 
11/12/2018 - Aprobado el nuevo plan de residuos de Gipuzkoa, que fija un objetivo de reciclaje del 70%
07/12/2018 - Chinese foamer Healthcare Co. to raise capital and expand in the U.S., Serbia
06/12/2018 - Lebanon gets Ghosn a mattress
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