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25/07/2018 - Single-step production of arabino-xylooligosaccharides by recombinant Bacillus subtilis 3610 cultivated in brewers’ spent grain
24/07/2018 - Xylitol production from lignocellulosic whole slurry corn cob by engineered industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae PE-2
24/07/2018 - Multi-production of high added market value metabolites from diluted methane emissions via methanotrophic extremophiles
19/07/2018 - Papa Bear
19/07/2018 - The production of furfural directly from hemicellulose in lignocellulosic biomass: A review
19/07/2018 - Bead milling disruption kinetics of microalgae: process modeling, optimization and application to biomolecules recovery from Chlorella sorokiniana
18/07/2018 - Valorization of Arundo donax for the production of high performance lignocellulosic films
18/07/2018 - Valorization of spent coffee ground with wheat or miscanthus straw: Yield improvement by the combined conversion to mushrooms and biomethane
18/07/2018 - Photothermally promoted cleavage of ?-1,4-glycosidic bonds of cellulosic biomass on Ir/HY catalyst under mild conditions
18/07/2018 - Step–wise multi–scale deconstruction of banana pseudo–stem (Musa acuminata) biomass and morpho–mechanical characterization of extracted long fibres for sustainable applications
16/07/2018 - Visible?Light?Driven Reduction of CO2 to CO and Its Subsequent Valorization in Carbonylation Chemistry and 13C Isotope Labeling
09/07/2018 - Influence of recycled slag aggregates on the conductivity and strain sensing capacity of carbon fiber reinforced cement mortars
09/07/2018 - Development of a method for the valorization of fermentation wastewater and algal-residue extract in docosahexaenoic acid production by Schizochytrium sp.
09/07/2018 - Design and properties of a new sustainable construction material based on date palm fibers and lime
09/07/2018 - Potential of Eucalyptus globulus industrial bark as a biorefinery feedstock: Chemical and fuel characterization
03/07/2018 - Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Properties in Colored Tiggiano Carrots
03/07/2018 - N -Acetyl- d -glucosamine Production by a Chitinase of Marine Fungal Origin: a Case Study of Potential Industrial Significance for Valorization of Waste Chitins
02/07/2018 - A study of thermal comfort enhancement using three energy-efficient personalized heating strategies at two low indoor temperatures
27/06/2018 - Pressure-Stable Imprinted Polymers for Waste Water Remediation
27/06/2018 - Atom? and mass?economical continuous flow production of 3?chloropropionyl chloride and its subsequent amidation
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