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15/09/2017 - Polyethylene composites made from below-ground miscanthus biomass
07/08/2017 - Glycerol-Based Co-Oligomers by Free-Radical Chain Transfer Polymerization: Towards Reactive Polymers Bearing Acetal and/or Carbonate Groups with Enhanced Properties
30/07/2017 - Oxidative esterification of furfural by Au nanoparticles supported CMK-3 mesoporous catalysts
19/07/2017 - Valorization of Dried Olive Pomace as an alternative fuel resource in cement clinkerization
17/07/2017 - Sugarcane bagasse valorization by fractionation using a water-based hydrotropic process
12/07/2017 - Integrated process for the production of natural extracts from black spruce bark
07/07/2017 - Valorization of algal waste via pyrolysis in a fixed-bed reactor: Production and characterization of bio-oil and bio-char
05/07/2017 - Biodegradable alternative for removing toxic compounds from sugarcane bagasse hemicellulosic hydrolysates for valorization in biorefineries
25/06/2017 - Valorization of raw glycerol and crustacean waste into value added products by Yarrowia lipolytica
25/06/2017 - Material flow and sustainability analyses of biorefining of municipal solid waste
22/06/2017 - Zr-modified hierarchical mordenite as heterogeneous catalyst for glycerol esterification
22/06/2017 - Characterization of bark extractives of different industrial Indonesian wood species for potential valorization
19/06/2017 - Chemosynthesis and structural characterization of a novel lignin-based bio-sorbent and its strong adsorption for Pb (II)
12/06/2017 - Optimization and comparison of maceration and microwave extraction systems for the production of phenolic compounds from Juglans regia L. for the valorization of walnut leaves
05/06/2017 - Valorization of hazelnut shell waste in hot compressed water
29/05/2017 - Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of extracts obtained from the refining of autohydrolysis liquors of vine shoots
29/05/2017 - Optimization Methodology for Complete Use of Bio-resources
29/05/2017 - Pretreatment of trace element-enriched biomasses grown on phytomanaged soils for bioethanol production
29/05/2017 - Sage processing from by-product to high quality powder: I. Bioactive potential
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