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29/05/2017 - Pretreatment of trace element-enriched biomasses grown on phytomanaged soils for bioethanol production
29/05/2017 - Sage processing from by-product to high quality powder: I. Bioactive potential
17/05/2017 - High hexitols selectivity in cellulose hydrolytic hydrogenation over platinum (Pt) vs. ruthenium (Ru) catalysts supported on micro/mesoporous carbon
14/05/2017 - New molybdenum-based catalysts for dry reforming of methane in presence of sulfur: A promising way for biogas valorization
08/05/2017 - Biomass valorization by using a sequence of acid hydrolysis and pyrolysis processes. Application to Leucaena leucocephala
08/05/2017 - Valorization of apple tree wood residues by polyphenols extraction: Comparison between conventional and microwave-assisted extraction
01/05/2017 - Valorizing overlooked local crops in the era of globalization: the case of aniseed (Pimpinella anisum L.) from Castignano (central Italy)
21/04/2017 - Evaluation of the properties of tyre pyrolysis oils obtained in a conical spouted bed reactor
21/04/2017 - Valorization of spent cooking oils in hydrophobic waste-based lime mortars for restorative rendering applications
07/04/2017 - Bimetallic Cu-Ni catalysts supported on MCM-41 and Ti-MCM-41 porous materials for hydrodeoxygenation of lignin model compound into transportation fuels
03/04/2017 - Thermoacoustic Stirling power generation from LNG cold energy and low-temperature waste heat
27/03/2017 - Valorization of carob waste: Definition of a second-generation bioethanol production process
27/03/2017 - Layered double hydroxide interfaced stearic acid – Cellulose fibres: A new class of super-hydrophobic hybrid materials
26/03/2017 - Pectin recovery from sugar beet pulp enhanced by high-voltage electrical discharges
22/03/2017 - Biotechnological valorization of proteases: From hyperproduction to industrial exploitation—A review (pages 511–522)
21/03/2017 - Photocatalytic valorization of glycerol to hydrogen: Optimization of operating parameters by artificial neural network
19/03/2017 - Potential for valorization of dehydrated paper pulp sludge for biogas production: Addition of selected hydrolytic enzymes in semi-continuous anaerobic digestion assays
12/03/2017 - Valorization of steam-exploded wheat straw through a biorefinery approach: Bioethanol and bio-oil co-production
08/03/2017 - Dry anaerobic digestion of food waste and cardboard at different substrate loads, solid contents and co-digestion proportions
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