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11/04/2018 - Valorization of Meat and Bone Meal through Pyrolysis for Soil Amendment or Lead Adsorption from Wastewaters
05/04/2018 - Recovery of high-concentration volatile fatty acids from wastewater using an acidogenesis-electrodialysis integrated system
23/03/2018 - Efficient conversion of wheat straw into methyl levulinate catalyzed by cheap metal sulfate in a biorefinery concept
23/03/2018 - A new insight into sugarcane biorefineries with fossil fuel co-combustion: Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment
18/03/2018 - Valorization of citrus wastes by fast pyrolysis in a conical spouted bed reactor
06/03/2018 - Valorization of the powdered bread waste hydrolysate as growth medium for baker yeast
01/03/2018 - Fast pyrolysis and steam gasification of pellets prepared from olive oil mill residues
25/02/2018 - Valorization of essential oils from two populations (wild and commercial) of Geranium macrorrhizum L.
22/02/2018 - Subcritical water hydrolysis of sugar beet pulp towards production of monosaccharide fraction
19/02/2018 - Upgrading of high-density polyethylene and light cycle oil mixtures to fuels via hydroprocessing
12/02/2018 - Sustainable unfired bricks manufacturing from construction and demolition wastes
06/02/2018 - Load-settlement characteristics of large-scale square footing on sand reinforced with opening geocell reinforcement
05/02/2018 - Chemoenzymatic lignin valorization: Production of epoxidized pre-polymers using Candida antarctica lipase B
05/02/2018 - Valorization of alginate for the production of hydrogen via catalytic aqueous phase reforming
02/02/2018 - Levoglucosenone and Its New Applications: Valorization of Cellulose Residues (pages 590–604)
24/01/2018 - Reciclado de neumáticos: transformación de un residuo en un recurso
24/01/2018 - Economía circular: recuperando residuos agrícolas
17/01/2018 - Synthesis of char-based acidic catalyst for methanolysis of waste cooking oil: An insight into a possible valorization pathway for the solid by-product of gasification
05/01/2018 - Characterization of new composite material based on date palm leaflets and expanded polystyrene wastes
25/12/2017 - Geocell reinforcement for performance improvement of vertical plate anchors in sand
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