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19/12/2017 - Welcome to the third newsletter of URBANREC
19/12/2017 - Project meeting and visit of Eurospuma plant
19/12/2017 - Treatment of additional textiles and identification of new applications
19/12/2017 - Further optimisation of recycling processes for plastics
19/12/2017 - Investigating use of recycled materials in mattresses
19/12/2017 - A step closer to operation for the pilot plant for obtaining high-value added products from bulky waste
19/12/2017 - New mobile app and dismantling service developed
19/12/2017 - Environmental feasibility evaluation of project’s products and processes
19/12/2017 - Networking with LIFE and H2020 projects related to plastics
19/12/2017 - Cluster collaboration between H2020 eco-innovation projects
19/12/2017 - Meet us at
19/12/2017 - Bornova Municipality
19/12/2017 - Eurospuma
19/12/2017 - IOS-PIB
19/12/2017 - Bye Bye Mattress Program recycles 1 million mattresses in first year
18/12/2017 - Un proyecto de Economía Circular acercará los beneficios de este nuevo paradigma a las empresas valencianas del plástico
18/12/2017 - Repesca_Plas, proyecto para recoger y valorizar la basura marina en Galicia y Valencia
17/12/2017 - Nuevos bioplásticos y bioadhesivos a partir de residuos de la industria maderera y alimentaria
14/12/2017 - AVISO – Se ofrece desarrollar memorias de título o tesis de pre y postgrado remunerada
11/12/2017 - Plásticos en el mar: Un proyecto recogerá basura marina en Galicia y Valencia para su análisis y valorización en forma de nuevos productos
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