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06/03/2017 - Coupling hydrothermal liquefaction and anaerobic digestion for energy valorization from model biomass feedstocks
04/03/2017 - Production of Laccase by Recombinant Yarrowia lipolytica from Molasses: Bioprocess Development Using Statistical Modeling and Increase Productivity in Shake-Flask and Bioreactor Cultures
01/03/2017 - On the development of a polyolefin gasification modelling approach
12/02/2017 - Characterisation of the biodegradability of post-treated digestates via the chemical accessibility and complexity of organic matter
01/02/2017 - The suitability of banana leaf residue as raw material for the production of high lignin content micro/nano fibers: From residue to value-added products
31/01/2017 - Residuos plásticos complejos: circularidad y transformación en materias primas para la industria
30/01/2017 - Assessment of anaerobic co-digestion in areas with heterogeneous waste production densities
25/01/2017 - Thermochemical study of the briquetting process of mattress foams
22/01/2017 - Load transfer mechanism and deformation of reinforced piled embankments
22/01/2017 - Rare Earth metal triflates M(O3SCF3)3 (M=Sc, Yb, La) as Lewis acid catalysts of depolymerization of poly-(bisphenol A carbonate) via hydrolytic cleavage of carbonate moiety: Catalytic activity of La(O3SCF3)3
06/01/2017 - Assessing the influence of refining, bleaching and TEMPO-mediated oxidation on the production of more sustainable cellulose nanofibers and their application as paper additives
03/01/2017 - Meso-Zr-Al-beta zeolite as a robust catalyst for cascade reactions in biomass valorization
29/12/2016 - Production of roller-compacted concrete using glass powder: Field study
29/12/2016 - Simultaneous production of biocrude oil and recovery of nutrients and metals from human feces via hydrothermal liquefaction
25/12/2016 - CO2 gasification process performance for energetic valorization of microalgae
22/12/2016 - Effect of light-dark cycles on hydrogen and poly-?-hydroxybutyrate production by a photoheterotrophic culture and Rhodobacter capsulatus using a dark fermentation effluent as substrate
22/12/2016 - Hydrothermal carbonization of medical wastes and lignocellulosic biomass for solid fuel production from lab-scale to pilot-scale
19/12/2016 - Valorization of crude glycerol and eggshell biowaste as media components for hydrogen production: A scale-up study using co-culture system
18/12/2016 - Wastes valorization from Rhodosporidium toruloides NCYC 921 production and biorefinery by anaerobic digestion
11/12/2016 - Alkaloids in the valorization of European Lupinus spp. seeds crop
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