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22/12/2017 - Encapsulation templated approach to valorization of cocoa husk, poppy and hemp macrostructural and bioactive constituents
19/12/2017 - A new route of valorization of rice endosperm by-product: Production of polymeric biocomposites
18/12/2017 - Recent advances in oxidative valorization of lignin
18/12/2017 - Catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis of organosolv lignin using B-containing FeNi alloyed catalysts
18/12/2017 - Quenching of reactive intermediates during mechanochemical depolymerization of lignin
18/12/2017 - Thermo-physical and mechanical characteristics of sand-based lightweight composite mortars with recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
14/12/2017 - Valorization of waste thermoset material as a filler in thermoplastic: Mechanical properties of phenolic molding compound waste‐filled PP composites
11/12/2017 - Catalytic valorization of biomass derived glycerol under methane: Effect of catalyst synthesis method
29/11/2017 - Valorization of food waste from restaurants by transesterification of the lipid fraction
24/11/2017 - Boosting bioethanol production from Eucalyptus wood by whey incorporation
23/11/2017 - The non-edible parts of fennel (Fśniculum vulgare) as a new milk-clotting protease source
15/11/2017 - Valorization of peanut shells: Manufacture of bioactive oligosaccharides
08/11/2017 - Simultaneous valorization and detoxification of the hemicellulose rich liquor from the organosolv fractionation
08/11/2017 - A lignin-derived sulphated carbon for acid catalyzed transformations of bio-derived sugars
07/11/2017 - Tin phosphate as a heterogeneous catalyst for efficient dehydration of glucose into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in ionic liquid
23/10/2017 - The “Cost Optimality” Approach for the Internal Insulation of Historic Buildings
29/09/2017 - Human exposure to indoor air pollutants in sleep microenvironments: A literature review
26/09/2017 - Pyrolysis of Arundo donax L. to produce pyrolytic vinegar and its effect on the growth of dinoflagellate Karenia brevis
15/09/2017 - Polyethylene composites made from below-ground miscanthus biomass
15/09/2017 - Polyethylene composites made from below-ground miscanthus biomass
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