Latest meeting in Warsaw and progress of project

The latest meeting of the URBANREC partners took place on 12-13/06 in Warsaw, hosted by the Polish partners IOS-PIB, IZNAB and the City of Warsaw (URZAD). The meeting served as an update for the activities which are still ongoing and provided a roadmap for those actions that will be finalised in the coming months until project end.

The preliminary conclusions of the three studies were showed during the partners' meeting. So far, those results are in line with the reductions and savings expected, but still need to be analysed in detail. In short (foreseen beginning October 2019), results will be published on the website, as the outcome of several public deliverables.

There will be an interactive tool that will provide the user the opportunity to go through all the public information generated within the project, with sometimes the possibility to download the whole document generated. The interactive tool will also include a ‘Calculators' section, where specific economic & environmental outputs will be shown, depending on some inputs.

From the technical point of view, according to the new plan agreed with the Commission, industrial partners are working on optimization of their pilot plants and industrial processes, until the project end, in November 2019. In general terms, they are happy with their findings and are willing to move forward, through new collaborations with regional public bodies, new investments, new clients, new projects. Although the economic analysis is not closed yet, it can be concluded that the technical approach of the project brings satisfactory results.

Partners are really proactive in terms of training sessions and the last dissemination/communication actions that will take place in the last part of the project. The schedule /deadlines for all those activities were updated. All consortium efforts are now focused on finishing these transversal tasks, and transfer as much as possible all the project outcomes and impacts to the society, industrial stakeholders and policy bodies.

The final Conference will be an excellent opportunity to show all the benefits that URBANREC has generated for a EU circular economy in cities in the area of Bulky waste management.



» Publication Date: 03/06/2019


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