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The capital city of Poland - Warsaw - is on its way to becoming an intelligent city. A number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of daily life and the functioning of the city are already in place. Within the URBANREC project the City of Warsaw has taken measures to address bulky waste items and to change the residents' approach to handling this waste stream.

Warsaw has taken its first steps towards becoming an intelligent city. A number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of daily life and the functioning of the city are already in place and operating in Warsaw. These initiatives are primarily investments for developing infrastructure and the digital sphere, resulting in an increase in the quality of city services, including e-services. At the same time, traditional investments are accompanied by a series of activities and initiatives focused on building human and social capital and engaging citizens in co-governance of the city. Making use of innovative tools, these activities improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, thus bringing the city closer to its goal of complete intelligent development.

Within the URBANREC project, the City of Warsaw has addressed the issue of changing residents' approach to handling redundant or unwanted furniture and other items which can be classified as bulky waste. So far we can identify four aspects of measures taken in relation to bulky waste management:

  •  organizational - setting apart mattresses as a separate category of bulky waste brought to Civic Amenity Sites (CAS),

  • educational - initiating measures aimed at raising the residents' awareness of the possibilities and benefits related to the responsible consumption of goods, and reducing the disposal of unwanted furniture as waste (incl. city fest of EKOPIKNIK),

  • research & development - cooperating with research institutions in the field of developing projects to explore the possibilities of reusing bulky waste on the industrial scale,

  • social - engaging into a dialogue between city entities and non-government organizations on the possibility of creating a network of centres for making items ready for reuse.

One of the most important issues in terms of creating in Warsaw conditions conducive to reuse will be the establishment of the city-wide network of Civic Amenity Sites, operating in each district, with repair workshops and centres, keeping items reusable.
The goal of the efforts made by the City of Warsaw to support reuse is to create a future where used items disposed of by residents are the basis for good-quality modern designer products, which carve a place for themselves on the used-goods market, or constitute an industrial resource to be used in the manufacturing of products made of recyclates.
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» Publication Date: 03/06/2019


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