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05/08/2021 - A Moldovan manufacturer of frameless upholstered furniture and mattresses is looking for new partners based on distribution agreements
03/08/2021 - Technology for the Glass Reinforced Pastics (GRP) separation and recovery from dismissed boat hulls
03/08/2021 - An Italian start up proposes its online industrial symbiosis platform to companies to improve their recovery and recycling of materials under license agreement
06/05/2019 - Trading agency offers distribution services to foam and nonwoven processing companies interested in entering Polish market
26/04/2019 - Ukrainian manufacturer of molded flexible polyurethane foam products seeks agents
17/10/2018 - Estrategias para la promoción de la gastronomía en toda Europa
24/09/2018 - Bulgarian manufacturer of spring beds and mattresses offers its products to international markets
08/08/2018 - A Romanian producer of nonwovens seeks partners for distribution
24/07/2018 - Hungarian research centre is looking for partners for developing miniature spectroscopy device based on a patented broadband near-infra LED technology
24/07/2018 - Israeli company producing mattresses and foam products is looking for distributors in Africa
21/06/2018 - Briquettes of flexible polyurethane foam with latex or viscoelastic foam for the energy recovery of mattress wastes
21/06/2018 - French company manufacturing innovative rooftop tents seeks distributors
13/06/2018 - Industrial production of magnetite micro- and nanoparticles : a magnetic iron oxide for a large range of applications
23/05/2018 - H2020 ? Spanish University requires a company producing lignin waste, a company using bio-based aromatics as input and a research team with technological expertise on lignin, to develop new technologies to obtain new aromatic building blocks from lignin.
19/04/2018 - An independent French manufacturer of wound care solutions and anti-pressure ulcer equipment is looking for distributors
23/10/2017 - Desarrollar el mercado para el glicerol crudo
18/09/2017 - A French social company, specialized in catering wastes valorization, developing local circular economy loops for the benefit of territories? energetic autonomy is looking for a cooperation agreement such as a service agreement to implement its solution.
20/06/2017 - Research and development services for the agrofood industry
25/04/2017 - Mejor gestión de residuos con el uso de microorganismos
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