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13/11/2019 - Design and Characterization of a New Food Packaging Material by Recycling Blends Virgin and Recovered polyethylene terephthalate
01/11/2019 - Regioselective Acylation of Levoglucosan Catalyzed by Candida Antarctica (CaLB) Lipase Immobilized on Epoxy Resin
22/10/2019 - Malagasy dye plant species: a promising source of novel natural colorants with potential applications ? A review
07/10/2019 - Optimization of lactic acid production using immobilized Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and carob pod waste from the Lebanese food industry
02/10/2019 - Critical Factors for the Recycling of Different End-of-Life Materials: Wood Wastes, Automotive Shredded Residues, and Dismantled Wind Turbine Blades
23/09/2019 - Phenolic Compounds from Sesame Cake and Antioxidant Activity: A New Insight for Agri-Food Residues? Significance for Sustainable Development
20/09/2019 - Metal regulating the highly selective synthesis of gamma-valerolactone and valeric biofuels from biomass-derived levulinic acid
19/09/2019 - Biogas Generation through Anaerobic Digestion of Compost Leachate in Semi-Continuous Completely Stirred Tank Reactors
11/09/2019 - Evaluation of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties Decay of PHBV/Sisal and PLA/Sisal Biocomposites at Different Recycle Steps
09/09/2019 - Valorization of the antioxidant, enzyme inhibition and phytochemical propensities of Berberis calliobotrys Bien. ex Koehne: A multifunctional approach to probe for bioactive natural products
09/09/2019 - Lignin, a biomass crosslinker, in a shape memory polycaprolactone network
04/09/2019 - Real-Scale Integral Valorization of Waste Orange Peel via Hydrodynamic Cavitation
29/08/2019 - Production of plant growth?promoting bacteria inoculants from composting leachate to develop durable agricultural ecosystems
21/08/2019 - Valorization of alum sludge via a pyrolysis platform using CO2 as reactive gas medium
16/08/2019 - Valorization of energy crops as a source for nanocellulose production ? Current knowledge and future prospects
16/08/2019 - The Optimized Production of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural and Related Products from Spent Coffee Grounds
12/08/2019 - Advances in lignin valorization towards bio-based chemicals and fuels: Lignin biorefinery
12/08/2019 - Activation of lignin by selective oxidation: An emerging strategy for boosting lignin depolymerization to aromatics
07/08/2019 - Effect of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) residue and coupling agent on the mechanical and thermal properties of polyolefin?based composites
05/08/2019 - Valorization of lignocellulosic residues from the olive oil industry by production of lignin, glucose and functional sugars
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