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02/04/2020 - A new example of circular economy: Waste vegetable oil for cogeneration in wastewater treatment plants
01/04/2020 - Recovery of ergosterol and vitamin D2 from mushroom waste - Potential valorization by food and pharmaceutical industries
01/04/2020 - Near-complete enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency of Miscanthus using hydrotropic fractionation at atmospheric pressure
31/03/2020 - White and red LEDs as two-phase batch for cyanobacterial pigments production
31/03/2020 - Production of low-calorie structured lipids from spent coffee grounds or olive pomace crude oils catalyzed by immobilized lipase in magnetic nanoparticles
31/03/2020 - A closed-loop biorefinery approach for polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production using sugars from carob pods as the sole raw material and downstream processing using the co-product lignin
31/03/2020 - Life cycle assessment of bio-based levoglucosan production from cotton straw through fast pyrolysis
31/03/2020 - Synchronous removal of ammonium and phosphate from swine wastewater by two agricultural waste based adsorbents: Performance and mechanisms
25/03/2020 - Afraid of bedbugs? Avoid these cities, says Orkin
13/03/2020 - ??Chitin dissolution, N?deacetylation and valorization in deep eutectic solvents
13/03/2020 - Dynamic change of bacterial community during dairy manure composting process revealed by high-throughput sequencing and advanced bioinformatics tools
12/03/2020 - Structures, Properties and Potential Applications of Corncob Residue Modified by Carboxymethylation
12/03/2020 - Evaluation of biochar amendment on heavy metal resistant bacteria abundance in biosolids compost
09/03/2020 - Construction of 2D-2D V2O5/BNNS nanocomposites for improved aerobic oxidative desulfurization performance
09/03/2020 - Dynamics of emulsion generation and stability during heavy oil displacement with chemicals and nanoparticles: Qualitative analysis using visual 2D data
09/03/2020 - Impact of various metal-oxide based nanoparticles and biodiesel blends on the combustion, performance, emission, vibration and noise characteristics of a CI engine
05/03/2020 - The Identity of Recycled Plastics: A Vocabulary of Perception
04/03/2020 - Investigating the engine performance, emissions and soot characteristics of CI engine fueled with diesel fuel loaded with graphene oxide-titanium dioxide nanocomposites
04/03/2020 - Strategically designed macromolecules as additives for high energy-density hydrocarbon fuels
03/03/2020 - Valorization of Chicken Feet By-Product of the Poultry Industry: High Qualities of Gelatin and Biofilm from Extraction of Collagen
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