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18/06/2021 - Influence of phosphogypsum purification with lime on the properties of cementitious matrices with and without plasticizer
15/06/2021 - Prospective evaluation of circular economy practices within plastic packaging value chain through optimization of life cycle impacts and circularity
15/06/2021 - Environmental assessment, mechanical behavior, and chemical properties of self-compacting mortars (SCMs) with harbor dredged sediments to be used in construction
10/06/2021 - Nano-activated carbon derived from date palm coir waste for efficient sequestration of noxious 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicide
09/06/2021 - Production of Protein Hydrolysates Using Marine Catfish Bagre panamensis Muscle or Casein as Substrates: Effect of Enzymatic Source and Degree of Hydrolysis on Antioxidant and Biochemical Properties
08/06/2021 - Closing the Loop with Keratin-Rich Fibrous Materials
08/06/2021 - Metabolomics as a Tool to Study Underused Soy Parts: In Search of Bioactive Compounds
07/06/2021 - Insights into bamboo delignification with acidic deep eutectic solvents pretreatment for enhanced lignin fractionation and valorization
07/06/2021 - A Hybrid Methodology to Minimize Freshwater Consumption during Shrimp Shell Waste Valorization Combining Multi-Contaminant Pinch Analysis and Superstructure Optimization
03/06/2021 - Food by-products and food wastes: are they safe enough for their valorization?
02/06/2021 - Specialized metabolite profiling of different Glycyrrhiza glabra organs by untargeted UHPLC-HRMS
31/05/2021 - Fabrication and characterization of Rhizochitosan and its incorporation with platelet concentrates to promote wound healing
31/05/2021 - Subcritical Water Extraction and Hydrolysis of Cod (Gadus morhua) Frames to Produce Bioactive Protein Extracts
31/05/2021 - Fungal Based Biopolymer Composites for Construction Materials
28/05/2021 - Valorization of Date Palm Waste for Plastic Reinforcement: Macro and Micromechanics of Flexural Strength
28/05/2021 - Effect of Processing on Phenolic Composition of Olive Oil Products and Olive Mill By-Products and Possibilities for Enhancement of Sustainable Processes
24/05/2021 - Extrusion Processing of Rapeseed Press Cake-Starch Blends: Effect of Starch Type and Treatment Temperature on Protein, Fiber and Starch Solubility
20/05/2021 - Silicon Carbide Recovery from Cutting Fluid Waste: Evolution of Recycling Performance for Valorization with Higher Added Value
18/05/2021 - Valorization of fly ash as an additive for electric arc furnace slag geopolymer cement
17/05/2021 - Valorization of Moroccan brown seaweeds: Elaboration of formaldehyde-free particleboards based on sodium alginate–corn-starch - Mimosa tannin wood adhesives
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