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21/08/2019 - Valorization of alum sludge via a pyrolysis platform using CO2 as reactive gas medium
16/08/2019 - Valorization of energy crops as a source for nanocellulose production ? Current knowledge and future prospects
16/08/2019 - The Optimized Production of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural and Related Products from Spent Coffee Grounds
12/08/2019 - Advances in lignin valorization towards bio-based chemicals and fuels: Lignin biorefinery
12/08/2019 - Activation of lignin by selective oxidation: An emerging strategy for boosting lignin depolymerization to aromatics
07/08/2019 - Effect of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) residue and coupling agent on the mechanical and thermal properties of polyolefin?based composites
05/08/2019 - Valorization of lignocellulosic residues from the olive oil industry by production of lignin, glucose and functional sugars
05/08/2019 - Valorization of green coconut fibre: Use of the black liquor of organolsolv pretreatment for ethanol production and the washing water for production of rhamnolipids by Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27583
30/07/2019 - Opportunities for upcycling cereal byproducts with special focus on Distiller's grains
29/07/2019 - Recent advancement in lignin biorefinery: with special focus on enzymatic degradation and valorization
29/07/2019 - Valorization of sewage sludge via non-catalytic transesterification
29/07/2019 - Steam explosion pretreatment of rice straw to improve structural carbohydrates anaerobic digestibility for biomethanation
29/07/2019 - Opportunities for Upcycling Cereal Byproducts with Special Focus on Distiller?s Grains
29/07/2019 - Synthetic biology applied in the agrifood sector: Public perceptions, attitudes and implications for future studies
29/07/2019 - A concise review of current lignin production, applications, products and their environment impact
22/07/2019 - A review on biopolymer production via lignin valorization
19/07/2019 - Studies of advanced lignin valorization based on various types of lignolytic enzymes and microbes
17/07/2019 - Synergism of organic acid and deep eutectic solvents pretreatment for the co-production of oligosaccharides and enhancing enzymatic saccharification
11/07/2019 - Assessment of municipal solid waste for valorization into biofuels
11/07/2019 - Silver?gold alloy nanoparticles biofabricated by fungal xylanases exhibited potent biomedical and catalytic activities
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