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19/02/2020 - Tech in 2020 that will change users’ behavior
19/02/2020 - Implementation of strategies to optimize the co-composting of green waste and food waste in developing countries. A case study: Colombia
07/02/2020 - Larch Wood Residues Valorization through Extraction and Utilization of High Value-Added Products
06/02/2020 - Effect of highly selective oxypropylation of phenolic hydroxyl groups on subsequent lignin pyrolysis: Toward the lignin valorization
04/02/2020 - The critical role of lignin in lignocellulosic biomass conversion and recent pretreatment strategies: A comprehensive review
03/02/2020 - Spouted-Bed Gasification of Flame Retardant Textiles as a Potential Non-Conventional Biomass
27/01/2020 - Enhanced valorization of industrial wastes for biodiesel feedstocks and biocatalyst by lipolytic oleaginous yeast and biosurfactant-producing bacteria
23/01/2020 - Low?Density Polyethylene/Poly(Lactic Acid) Blends Reinforced by Waste Wood Flour
21/01/2020 - Valorization of Lignin as a Sustainable Component of Structural Materials and Composites: Advances from 2011 to 2019
17/01/2020 - Valorization of Linen Processing By-Products for the Development of Injection-Molded Green Composite Pieces of Polylactide with Improved Performance
01/01/2020 - Techno-economic analysis of vanillin production from Kraft lignin: Feasibility study of lignin valorization
23/12/2019 - Economía circular mediante simbiosis industrial de sectores estratégicos de la Comunitat Valenciana
13/12/2019 - Residual titanium flakes as a novel material for retention and recovery of rare earth and relatively rare earth elements
12/12/2019 - Compositional Characterization of Different Industrial White and Red Grape Pomaces in Virginia and the Potential Valorization of the Major Components
12/12/2019 - Malagasy Dye Plant Species: A Promising Source of Novel Natural Colorants with Potential Applications – A Review.
03/12/2019 - Procesos industriales sostenibles mediante el uso de la simbiosis industrial en el sector metal-mecánico y madera. Proyecto SINMETAL
02/12/2019 - Kitchen waste valorization through a mild-temperature pretreatment to enhance biogas production and fermentability: Kinetics study in mesophilic and thermophilic regimen
18/11/2019 - Preparation and Applications of the Cellulose Nanocrystal
13/11/2019 - Design and Characterization of a New Food Packaging Material by Recycling Blends Virgin and Recovered polyethylene terephthalate
01/11/2019 - Regioselective Acylation of Levoglucosan Catalyzed by Candida Antarctica (CaLB) Lipase Immobilized on Epoxy Resin
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